The Obvious is so Easy
Ever since prehistoric men took off their fur “coat” and started populating the whole planet as “homo sapiens”, at least since the eyed needle was invented, they have always found and devised new motives for their acquisitions, for wildly different reasons and desires. Far beyond the utility value of things, far beyond the necessity of stockpiling, and far beyond anything imaginable, their inventions and progress have brought mankind to where they are today.
Where does the journey of „homo sapiens“ go? Apparently directly into the trash can. For man has largely disengaged himself from nature. Air, light, sun, water, soil, plants, and animals all seem to be nothing but a gigantic self-service scheme for him but they cannot be replenished indefinitely. Actually it is the disrespect of nature, an most unhappy state of affairs, that promotes this “fall of mankind” to what might be called the new original sin and is thus entering the home stretch of a man-made disaster—including for our descendants. Text: Petra Hornung. Translation: Werner Richter

Up to ten narrative installations – male, female mannequins: single figures/groups, historical and modern garments, accessories and everyday objects with clearly understandably references, associations, iconography of time. A sequence showing a scenical portrayal of stripping off, of denial and astonishment at the commodity items and textile exhibits shown here. Uncloaking without any sex appeal. Industrial garbage bags of various sizes and colors in sculptural arrangement.